Christina Aguilera

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(Source: miss-aguilera, via poserdextina)

(Source: miss-aguilera, via poserdextina)

(Source: miss-aguilera, via poserdextina)

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bernie1904 said: Hi, I'm always on the lookout for more Xtina blogs, so I just followed you :) And while I was it I thought I'd ask a question (or two). What do you think is the most underrated song on each Christina album? And either in a personal or objective sense, which of her eras do you think is sexiest?

Thank you, I followed back :) and hmm this is gonna be hard. On Christina Aguilera I guess I would choose Somebody’s Somebody or When You Put Your Hands On Me. Stripped and Back to Basics are hard to pick, but Soar for Stripped and either Oh Mother or Mercy On Me for Back to Basics. Almost every song on Bionic are really underrated so I’m not even gonna pick one loll and for Lotus I’d have to say probably Empty Words or Best of Me. I think the Back to Basics era was the sexiest in my opinion.

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